Family Time

98375e8b-8255-4d29-a808-2aad6f0d6797After a couple of utterly insane weeks, I finally carved out some much-needed family time.   My family had a sudden and unexpected housing change a couple of weeks ago, so we’ve been trying to re-stabilize ourselves ever since.  In the midst of all of that craziness, I have also been having some health crises.  I don’t feel like getting into the details here, just know that I have been going through a lot both medically and personally.  

img_1538Today, our favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, is playing and my sons and I absolutely love to watch football together on a Sunday.  It would be more fun if my husband were not stuck at work slaving away for the almighty dollar.  He would be so proud to see the rest of us screaming at the television, just like he does.  More and more I see how much my boys are growing into little men and it strikes me in such a strange way…  they are growing up but they are still my little babies.  I love them and would die to protect them, but somewhere along the way they decided that they need to protect and care for me.  I accept it and respect it, but I don’t necessarily like it.  They weren’t supposed to spend their childhoods taking care of me.  I wasn’t supposed to be sick and disabled so young, and I feel like they are paying the price for it.  I must have done something right because they are definitely growing into fine young men who love their mama.


d54a0683-399d-44ec-92f5-41c420e25d87Then there is my little Destiny.  Oh my word… my only little girl is all grown up now, and not very little anymore.  When she came home to us a couple of months ago, she brought with her a (hopefully forever) plus one, Jacob.  I see the woman that she is becoming, and I am filled with pride that she has become the kind of woman that doesn’t take any crap from anybody.  She speaks her mind whether or not someone wants to hear it… she stands up for what she believes in and is quick to defend those who are wronged in her presence.  She is strong, fierce, kind and confident.  I am one proud mama bear over here.

668b7308-3c92-4497-94e9-ddc0835dae37It’s on days like today, spent doing not much at all that the best memories are made.  There will be a time (hopefully in the very distant future) where I will not be here making the memories with my family anymore.  Should this disease progress rapidly (Gods forbid!), I want them to have lots of  happy memories that we made together.  I don’t want them to sit around with regret or tears, but rather remember the good times that we all spent together. 

Coronavirus has definitely left us with ample opportunity for family time, and that may be the only good thing about this pandemic that we are still going through.  I have spent more quality time with my children this year alone, than ever before.  We have huddled and bundled together through multiple crises this year, but still prevailed as a unit.  While most people are busy moaning and whining about the inconveniences of the pandemic, I am grateful that we have survived unscathed so far, and have had such wonderful opportunities to become stronger as a family.  In a way, Coronavirus has been a blessing to me and my family… as strange as that sounds!  



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